The continued intolerance of difference between human beings in modern society, whether it be for gender, skin colour, sexual orientation, culture or religion, is the motivation behind Lenny Guerrier’s new project.

By challenging our thinking of stereotypes, SILWET celebrates diversity. A transversal approach going against the flow of current ready-to-wear brands. Uniting and valuing people beyond their difference, favouring talent over judgment.

SILWET is the literal translation of «silhouette» in Haitian Creole, paying tribute to the designer’s roots, as well as the starting point of his work. The focus is creating a shape, feeling and energy to form a universal language.

Part #1



SILWET presented a capsule collection of T-shirts and hoodies for ALL.

“HOMOSAPIENS” appear on each clothing item, announcing the universal and original vision of the collection. The core and recognizable element invites everyone to approach and interact with their environment with no alteration, in a non-judgmental way as all human beings belong to the same species: “ A CULTURE OF INCLUSION ”.

“HOMOSAPIENS” is also the title of the photography exhibition «photographed by Nico Bustos (Artlist) ” that showcased during the launch of the limited collection. (some photos below)

SILWET immediately reveals the richness that diversity brings to society, as well as the style of the designer’s own community, as one multicultural mosaic: The simplicity and consistency that characterise the timeless pieces, allows every person to infuse their own personality and uniqueness into their style, creating their own silhouette.

SILWET is an ode to our differences. Fashion is a dialogue.

Sizing Guide

Merino size chart

This size chart is intended for reference only. Sizes can vary between brands.

Label size India UK Bust
(in inches)
(in inches)
XS XS 4-6 32 26
S S 8-10 34 28
M M 12-14 36 30
L L 16-18 39 33
XL XL 20 42 36
XXL XXL 22 44 38